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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Bullfighter, an interesting tool...

I stumbled across a free piece of software known as Bullfighter, which works in tandem with Microsoft word to isolate annoying jargon in your writing. Originally designed for internal use within a consulting firm, the software became popular with the company's clients and was made freely available. Although the originators, Deloitte, have turned the program over to the folks at fightthebull.com, it remains 100% free. You can download it here.

Bullfighter does two things. It provides a Flesch Reading Ease score for your work as well as a "Bull Index" that tells you just how full of overused jargon and undesirable buzzwords your content is.

I have played with the easy-to-use program and think it could be handy for those content writers who write business-related articles. I can't tell you that Bullfighter will excise all of the bull from your writing, but it does make you take a look at some of your word choices and can help you to produce more readable copy.