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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Peddling your wares...Interesting approach...

Marketing and promotion are critical to any content writer's success. You cannot get clients to pay you unless you attract them in the first place! I find it interesting to see how people are marketing and positioning themselves.

I stumbled upon a writer working with a pretty unique system. Prospective clients request the content they need. Candice Pardue writes it and offers them a "preview" of the material. They can then decide whether or not they want to purchase the article at the predetermined price. From what I can tell, the author will sell those articles that are passed over. She does this through her site on an ala carte basis, with different prices for different rights packages.

I don't necessarily know if this the best possible strategy when all is said and done, but it is unique. It also emphasizes her belief in the writing in a way that even most writers' "guarantees" do not.