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Monday, March 06, 2006

A comment from Associated Content...

Last month, I wrote a few posts about Associated Content, a site that purchases content. I provided some insight regarding my personal experience with AC. Today, one of the folks at Associated Content took the time to respond to some of my observations. The original Associated Content post and the full text of those comments can be found here.

For those who don't want to dig through the archived material, "Everett" at AC commented:

"I think you guys are using Associated Content exactly for what it’s meant to be used for. Anyone complaining about not being able to feed a family on AC submissions is missing the point. If you have something to say or share with the world, Associated Content invites your commentary. If you are an expert about something and want to market your knowledge, Associated Content is a great place to demonstrate your expertise and link to your main site. If you have an extra article or term paper lying around, and it's of a decent standard, submit it to AC and see what you get offered."

Those sentiments pretty much echo my own. AC may not be a substitute for a full-time job, but it is a nice way to turn a few bucks from spare content. I thought the remarks deserved mention because of something else the AC representative noted:

"I applaud your fair and honest review, and just wanted to let you know what Associated Content DOES pay attention to what the freelance writer and Internet publishing world is saying. This is not done in a 'Big Brother' way, but rather as a way to spot opportunities and fix problems."

We've recently discussed at least one other market for online writers that did a poor job communicating with authors and with developing a system that met their needs and expectations. I thought this comment from AC served as a nice counterpoint to some of those problems found elsewhere.

I, for one, plan to continuing submitting my "strays" to AC. I have been generally pleased with their offers and am impressed with the level of professionalism the site displays. Yes, it can occasionally take them awhile to process and article and make an offer, but in the big picture I am willing to wait a few days in exchange for that professionalism.