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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Testing a new blogging tool...

I am using Qumana, an offline blogging tool, to produce this post.  I maintain a handful of blogs on different platforms, so I was interested in the idea of using a single program to work with all of them.  Based on some initial exploration, I am pretty impressed with the ease of use.

One thing about Qumana that might be of interest to some bloggers is the ease with which one can insert keyword-based advertising into their blog posts.  Unlike Adsense ads, which are context driven, you get to select the keywords with Adgenta.  Qumana makes it a breeze to insert the ads.
Qumana is free.  Based on what I can tell, the software is given away in hopes that bloggers will use the Adgenta ad option.  It's a great way, in theory, to build to popularity and usage of the ad network.  Based on the tiny bit of research I did, it looks like Adgenta pulls ads from the Miva network.  Thus, I am willing to guess that the blogger's per-click payout might be a bit higher if they were to just go with Miva directly instead of throught the Qumana "middle man."  However, that is purely conjecture on my part.  Also, if I am right, the pay differential may be made up for by the quality of the Qumana software for many users.
Ads by AdGenta.com
Okay, enough testing.  The next post will actually be about freelance writing and content production issues.  Promise!
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