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Friday, January 06, 2006

Holiday traffic project...

Back before the holidays I mentioned a new project that was in the works. Since then, I began the initial test marketing and thought I would mention it here.

I am offering monthly content packages related to upcoming special events and holidays. The first release, which targeted Valentine's Day, included sixty articles on the theme and has been well-received. The articles are sold with private label rights and offer webmasters a great opportunity to take advantage of increased holiday and special event traffic.

These articles can be used to "dress up" an existing site for a holiday feel, to create special holiday-oriented sites sporting Adsense, or for a variety of other purposes. Holiday-related keywords produce a great deal of traffic on a seasonal basis, and these packages provide an awesome way for site operators to cash in on those traffic spikes.

Eventually, I plan on transitioning this product line into a private label rights subscription site. In the meantime, the packages are available for individual sale. Those who buy the first package (Valentine's Day) are also provided with a chance to buy the next package at half-price.

If you have an interest in these article packages, feel free to email me at cdbrack@gmail.com for more information.